About Me

My name is Rich Ristow, and I have been living in Changzhou, Jiangsu province since 2014. I came here to teach English as a Foreign Language after more than a decade of teaching freshman composition in Adjunct Hell in New Jersey and North Carolina. Where am I from? New Jersey is the easiest answer; it’s where I moved to China from. The real answer is Europe. I was born in Germany, on an American Air Force base, and I have also lived in England, Belgium, Bermuda, and The Netherlands before going to College in West Virginia.  MFA in poetry from UNC-Wilmington. Published writer and editor. Blah, blah, blah!! You can visit my personal blog at www.richristow.com. Be forewarned, most of my posts there tend to be long wall-o-text essays. I hardly update that blog all that much anymore. I do a lot of day to day blogging over on Steemit.com, however. That’s largely going to be paying my hosting bills for the time being. My other big blogging pursuit is Real Changzhou, obviously — where I try and go into every nook and cranny  of the Chinese city I have spent years living in.